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English Listening, Speaking and Writing

Do you have the habit to listen to the radio? Most probably only a few people may answer yes. If most people don't listen to the radio at all? I guess this is not the truth either. Nowadays the Internet has developed so fast and people cannot only use their radios to listen to the radio programs. They can also listen to the radio on the internet too. Besides, all kinds of automobiles have installed this function too. You see, the taxi drivers always listen to the radio to learn the road information so that they can choose a good path. I have said too much about listening to the radio, but my meaning is you do listen to the radio to receive information each day. Now why not shift to the English radio programs since you need to learn English well?

No matter where you are, the Internet can always connect you to the world beyond your vision and imagination. And the things beyond can really help you improve your English, or at least your view. Don't you think so? If you are an English beginner, you had better choose the easy English programs like VOA special English, BBC Learning English. If you are likely to understand the standard English, you can open your computer and connect it to the stand English programs like BBC News and dramas, ABC News, CNN News and so on. By listening to such programs, you will learn not only the English vocabulary but also the native English ways of speaking and understanding. When you plan to listen to them, you don't have to stay online all the time. You can instead download them into your MP3 player and listen to them all the time. Certainly if you are fond of other English listening materials like interesting English movies, you can also listen to them.

My idea is if your listening ability reaches a certain level, you will be able to speak very good English. But what is the "certain level"? In my opinion, when you reach the level that you can understand English as you do your native language, you have reached the certain level. Yes, this is extremely hard and it needs time and energy. So now you have to practice each day. In my opinion you can choose some English hot topics to chat with others. In such a talk, you had better use the things you have learned. Maybe, such things are new to you and may give you uneasy feelings. But you need to use them and make the new thing become the easy things for yourself. I don't often watch English movies. But I hold the view that watching English movies carefully and regularly can help you understand English. Or perhaps you need the language software to help you. You may choose Rosetta Stone English, which features improving your spoken English. This is another choice for you.

Finishing the two things, I should address English writing. According to my experience, good English writers always think in the logical way. It means that such people can think properly and speaker properly or even much better, then they will write important things. For the English learners, you should use this concept to learn English although you don't have to write good English language works. Using Rosetta Stone may help you learn English writing, but don't expect too much, for writing can only be learned by consistent practice. If you use Rosetta Stone Chinese to learn Chinese writing in the beginning. That's OK! But don't depend on it to cultivate your Chinese writing!

Apart from all such things, you still have lots of work to do in English. Don't just get satisfied with your achievements at hand, never stop learning!

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Different Language Resources on the Internet %$#@

Free of charge resources on the web - there are numerous sites with regard to learning languages which have free assets, or possibly only a small price for any brief membership. The best benefit about websites is that you could find lessons, sentence structure, vocabulary as well as dialogues together with audio, movie, email trades and talks. Find a good introduction towards the language that you're comfortable along with, you will find lots of options. [link=]Rosetta Stone Spanish[/link] can be one tool that may help the learners.

Just to make use of myself for example - I've tried out plenty of languages through the years by studying just a couple chapters of the book or perhaps a few sound lessons. Here really are a few good examples:

Japanese -- about 15 training of Pimsleur. I loved it and plan to study this further at some point.

Latin -- I've always desired to study Latina. We worked via a few chapters of the Hugo guide, but there is something concerning the book which i just did not like. I possess since arranged additional resources with regard to Latin. Maybe at some point I'll possess the time.

German born - I've Tell Me personally More and I truly enjoyed utilizing it, but I'd to stop because of time restrictions with college and work at that time.

Italian -- about 20 training of Pimsleur in the past. I held having Spanish appear into my personal responses, and so i chose to wait till my The spanish language was a bit more solid.

Swedish - I've started as well as stopped learning Swedish a lot of times. Something usually gets during my way. We was utilizing an old Train Yourself book and also the newer edition of Train Yourself using the audio compact disc. I've because added some more things simply because I'm really thinking about Swedish.

Mandarin Chinese language - Regarding 12 in years past, We studied several chapters of the old book which i have that targets the conventional writing program. Although We haven't found myself in Mandarin since that time, it had been probably the most satisfying enjoyment of my personal language understanding experiences after i could create and understand a complete sentence within traditional figures. It's among the moments that actually hooked me personally into understanding languages. [link=]Rosetta Stone Chinese[/link] can help you learn better Chinese.

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Oral English in Real Life “@#@@#”

In a variety of different scenarios or situations in real life, not too many different objects to express certain ideas often use idioms. These terms are mostly fixed sentence, often can not be literally translated out of English version. A sentence skilled oral master from 2500 to 3000 commonly used words and phrases, will be able to more freely express their ideas. Learning Chinese, we know that "a stiff current, not poetry aloud, learning English is to say if they can memorize English three hundred, oral communication is basically no problem. Moreover, those beautiful sentences will bring beauty to enjoy! Also be noted that the oral session, you need to remember some transitional decorative words and insert statements.

Always two-way dialogue, in addition, say that, but also can understand. Rosetta Stone Chinese is also a good software. Needed to train the hearing, only by and listen more. Need to remind you that yes, English has become an international language, most of the country's business and technical staff will say, but due to the mother tongue influence, the people of many countries and regions pronunciation is not very accurate, even native English speakers the country also has a local accent - as all over the country dialect. For example, the Scots usually gulp down some syllable, Australians often "today" said todie; many New Zealanders to "set" as "sit"; Latin people who speak English, r the end of the word often coupled with the uvula trill; Japanese English r and l can not tell; Southeast Asia, said English was often mixed with the tone of their mother tongue, d and t sound commonly used to represent, and so on. In the dialogue should be, and usually also be appropriate to listen to these countries English Taiwan as an exercise.

Using the Language Learning Software can help you learn more things in a new language. The purpose is to learn English in order to exchange the spoken difference cause you can not dialogue with people, and thus unable to communicate. I hope that we can use good article describes the two magic weapons, to learn the spoken language.


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